Our Approach

When I shoot a wedding my goal is to capture natural, candid moments. I then take these moments, imagery and audio, and create short films that are engaging, emotional, and exciting to watch from beginning to end. This means that watching your wedding film is not an annual event but a little pleasure you can enjoy whenever you feel like a smile. 

The soundtrack to your film is equally as important as the visuals in my opinion, and is built around spoken word from the readings, speeches, and the vows. By using dialog from the wedding day I create a truly personal film, not simply a montage with a backing track. Music is then added to match the natural atmosphere of the wedding, whether that be a beautiful romantic moment, or a fun filled party. Every wedding is unique and so is every film.

I  keep it simple, I'm not a fan of overly stylised editing and effects as these tend to age quickly. I do use drones, sliders, gimbals but only to serve the story. The best tools I use are my own senses. I purposely use smaller cameras as I don't want to impose or make people feel self-conscious, in fact most of the time you won't even know I'm there.

Just to say a huge thank you yet again for the effort and amazing work you put into our wedding video. I have watched it online so many times already since receiving it. We love it so much and it has helped us to relive every moment of the day so vividly. The editing and addition of music is just perfect and your talent for capturing the day is second to none.
— Claire & Niall