Nina & J.D's Sligo Wedding Video

On Saturday 13th June I headed off to Ballymote, Co. Sligo  for Nina and JD's wedding. My sat nav took a scenic route but I got there nonetheless! Arriving at the house I recognised one of the girls from Rosie and Martin's wedding from the weekend before. I remember her being good craic so I knew this was going to be a fun bridal party.

The girls were as chilled as the champagn (although the bottles were pretty low at this stage) and Nina's dad was busy perfecting his speech. After a quick chat with everyone and a couple of make-up shots I headed upstairs to find the dress and all the details.

After a bit of clambering on beds and swapping hangers the photographer and I got the dresses up where we wanted and started taking a few shots. I loved the two colours of the bridesmaids dresses and the dress itself was fab, then it was a quick pop to the church to get set up for the ceremony.

Ballymote church is an impressive sight inside and out. I was delighted to see Mayo Wedding Bells there adding some sparkle too. Once I had my various microphones and cameras in position I headed outside to get some footage of the groomsmen. I found a few but natuarally a couple of the lads had gone astray so we had to round them up, quickly get ties on and arrange a shot or two before heading back to the girls.

Back at the house the bridesmaids were ready and I filmed Nina walking down the stairs for her parents to see her for the first time in her beautiful wedding dress. I love capturing this moment as it's so genuine and moving. Then it was off the church again.

The ceremony was lovely and after the family photos we headed off to Enniscrone, in Sligo. I got there a little early and as I knew the location I met the cars and led them down to the beach car park. As it was a long drive and I knew Nina and JD were eager to get back to their guests so we didn't waste time. I'm not a fan of staying out for ages taking portraits as I like people to enjoy their wedding as much as possible.

We arrived at the Diamond Coast Hotel to be greeted by the managers, I must say the DC is one of my favorite wedding venues as they are so professional and a joy to work with. It also helps that the hotel itself is fantastic and the food is mouth watering, those fish and chips mmmm.

We had a lovely evening and I completed a same-day edit which was shown after the meal which I have posted below. I'd like to thank Nina & JD for a brilliant day and with them all the best in the future.

Damien and Jennifer's Wedding

On a beautiful sunny November day I had the pleasure of shooting Jennifer and Damien's wedding. We started the day in Sligo town where Jennifer and the girls were getting ready. Kenneth Noone was with me on photography and as usual doing a great job. Ken and me go back a long way so be sure to check out his site www.kmnoonephotography.com.

We had great fun trying to get flower girls in one place for photos and a quick shot off the girls in their dresses before heading for the church. We had quite a job keeping ahead of the wedding car to catch the lads before the girls got there! Once the girls arrived we were treated to one of the cutest entrances I've ever seen and an absolutely hilarious priest who had us in fits of laughter. Kenneth and I are now "the two from Mayo with all the money" I wish! After the ceremony and a few photos we headed to the Ocean Sands for the reception.

The speeches were lovely and there was plenty of craic from the "Monaghan crowd". Then once the band were set up the first dance was one of my favourite songs at the moment, Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud. I decided to use that for the highlights as it really suited the romantic feel of the day.