January Snow

So we are into the third week of January and all the Christmas buzz has gone away :( To make matters worse Caburys have changed my beloved Creme Egg so now even that little treat is gone! However all hope is not lost as this morning I woke up to a bright white covering of snow outside my window! I know snow is a hassle and makes driving a nightmare but it is so pretty. Thankfully one of the perks of being a wedding videographer is that I can venture out on random trips with little or no pre-planning. So I grabbed my camera bag, threw on some layers and headed up the road.

Quickly I regretted not bringing gloves. I did find one fingerless mitten but I thought it might look a little odd so I left it. Big mistake. Despite the very very cold hands I managed to frame a few shots. Exposure is tricky in the snow as it reflects so much light but I made use of my ND filters for those times it was a little too bright. As I reached the lake the sky turned ominously dark, you can see this in the video! Then I was treated to a shower of hail so that was that, camera in the bag and trudge home.